In my 20s when I was a student I had this great voluminous camel wrap coat that was very cosy in cold weather but a pain to dry-clean. In my 30s I wore a chic fitted single-breasted three-quarter length camel coat. When I just turned 40 (I am kinda giving my age away…) I had a belted version with bold outer stitching. And although I am currently unfaithful to the camel with dusky pink and deep wine colours I can imagine myself owning yet another camel coat in the future.

The colour is flattering to most skin types, it is easily combined with white, cream and black – and, regardless of the price point, the camel coat is a classic appearing year after year on the runways and in the shops.

When I saw Lily with her flowing long hair in a Forever 21 double-breasted version outside the library I thought that she must be photographed backlit. The afternoon sun served as a hair rim light, hitting the lens and  fading her photos to delicate pastel tones.


Brum Street Style Project photo - Lily
Brum Street Style Project – Lily in camel coat/jacket outside the Library of Birmingham
Brum Street Style Project photo
Double-breasted boxy camel jacket from Forever 21
Brum Street Style Project photo - Lily
Lily backlit

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