Announcing Birmingham Street Style Project – to capture awesome photographs of people with great personal style and taste encountered on the streets of Birmingham.

While there are some great street blogs around, many of them suffer from the same straight head on approach, quite repetitive and not particularly flattering to their subjects. I want to preserve that wonderful spirit and spontaneity of the best street fashion examples but spruce it up with a more dramatic lighting, better use of location and more flattering angles.

Still shot on the fly very quickly, your street style photos will be slightly directed to encourage you look your best on camera. You may be prompted to walk a dozen of steps toward a more interesting background to enhance modern urban look given by the street colours and textures.

Rather than standing still squarely to the camera you may be asked to sit, pose (minimally, to keep it fun!) or move in order to feature your outfit, accessory or hairstyle more creatively.

When approached on the street do not shy away! Please remember

– without any doubt you look great
– it will hardly take any of your time
– it’s painless
– its free
– and it’s fun!

If you are interested to see the results you can find your photos next day in the Birmingham Street Style section of my blog. Please feel free to share the photo links with your friends and family.

You are welcome to use your street style image as a profile photo or on Facebook – just don’t forget to ‘like’, ‘plus one’, link or discreetly credit Galina Walls Photography in any other way.

P.S. I have also added a permanent Birmingham Street Style Project page to my website containing all the details – knowing how quickly blog posts get buried by newer additions!

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