Urban photography galleries and Case Studies

Urban photography galleries, including city portraits, arts and performance galleries, street theatre case studies, featuring images by Galina Walls

Urban portrait photo - a couple at the river Thames

Urban Portraits Gallery

Urban portraits are bold, edgy and dynamic, treating the whole town or city as a giant location set.

Deep shadows outside St Enoch shopping centre

Urban and Street Gallery

Urban and street photography – ad hoc city experiences, visual pleasures and wonderful chance encounters in public spaces.

Low Light Arts and Performance Gallery

Arts and performance gallery capturing the ambience of events and shows – book readings, street theatre and cabaret – in low light, indoors and outdoors.

Case Study: Orographic by Oceanallover

Orographic, a fusion of carnival street theatre, eccentric moves and live music, as performed by Oceanallover on Dumfries High Street. Bold costume designs by Alex Rigg, inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s paintings.

Case study: Luxe

Luxe is a visually stunning combination of digital artistry, video installation, conceptual recital, physical theatre and audience interaction. It poses provocative questions about art, reality and imagination.