We chose the Library of Birmingham as a location for our yesterday’s Brum Street Style Project hunt. I liked  the colours, textures, and the clean urban/graphic feel of the library ground floor facade – its huge reflective glass panels, revolving doors, metallic bicycle stands. I also hoped that with the constant stream of library visitors we are bound to find someone interesting. I wasn’t wrong.

Amidst the sea of black, grey and olive coats – as Brummies were combating an unexpected autumn chill – Steven, in his Topman teal velvet blazer, sky blue T-shirt and blue Hayes suede Fred Perry shoes was like a breath of fresh air. These shades of blue are commonly associated with creativity (and, as I recently discovered in one of the social media emails, are recommended as wall paints for this particular reason).

Velvet has been mentioned as the 2013 trend for both men and women. For example, Patrick Cox’s blue velvet jacket is styled with narrow black trousers and a semi-casual shirt, so is Alexander McQueen’s navy tuxedo. It’s a less formal but a bit stilted look. Perhaps it needs more personality to be worn with conviction. In contrast, I liked how comfortable Steven seemed in his teal blazer. I also liked his super casual layered styling – a thin hooded sweatshirt, a neutral grey check shirt, a sky blue T-shirt, pale jeans – to go with velvet, which adds a touch of luxury.

Brum Street Style Project photo
Brum Street Style Project – Steve wearing a teal velvet jacket outside of the Library of Birmingham
Brum Street Style Project - all shades of blue
Reflections – and layers…
Brum Street Style Project photo

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