As a photographer I have a passion for urban, lifestyle, editorial style of imagery. I also curate Urban Photography News, the online collection of articles, tips and techniques related to this topic.

I came into photography from an artistic background and have a PhD in Art History (University of East Anglia, Norwich). That’s why my images often feature artists at work, as well as dance, music and theatrical performances, writer’s workshops, exhibition launches and the life of creative communities in general.

I strongly believe that the studio can be anywhere you decide it is and we must explore together the idea of the city as a giant location, with ever changing backgrounds and settings – parks and grafitti walls, historical buildings and contemporary billboards, stark grungy concrete and slick shop windows.

I followed my father in his footsteps – he was also a professional photographer albeit working in a more traditional style. 

Documentary photography is my obsession, my therapy and a way of experiencing the world. I am rarely seen without a camera. If you expect to encounter something or someone interesting, you will!

My husband John is an inspiration behind many of my personal projects – I am so grateful for his strength and support!

Current projects