I explore urban visual culture using photography and reflective writing as investigative tools. My passion is urban and street imagery, and I curate Urban Photography Newsthe online collection of articles, tips and techniques related to this topic.

The city never sleeps, there is always something to photograph – people, architecture, street art, abstract details, cityscapes and subway, museums, cathedrals, and dogs, and pigeons, and sea gulls… There is bold colour and no colour. Adverts go up and down, and the street may look completely different. There are parades, markets and fairs, protests and street performances. There are parks and squares if you seek greenery. The city is never boring and offers a variety of subjects. Always. In any season. Even in lockdown. That’s why I feel so passionate about urban photography.

My dad was a portrait photographer – I guess I inherited my interest in urban portraits from him.

I have a PhD in Art History (University of East Anglia, Norwich), which informs my understanding of the urban condition as embodied in contemporary social and cultural practices. I love capturing urban art and creative events in public space and tend to use insights from the urban and visual culture studies to write about my images.

My husband John is an inspiration behind many of my personal projects – I am so grateful for his strength and support!

Galina Walls- headshot

Current Projects

Young people wearing protective masked in public during the coronavirus lockdown

Glasgow in lockdown project

This photography project is inspired by daily exercise walks on the streets of Glasgow during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Urban Portraits Dumfries Project

The URBAN PORTRAITS DUMFRIES project aims to create portraits of people in Dumfries town centre locations and treats the town itself as an urban canvas, a vast set of impressions, colours, textures, frames and shapes.