Galina Walls is a Dumfries-based professional photographer with a passion for urban, lifestyle, editorial style of imagery. She also curates Urban Photography News, the online collection of articles, tips and techniques related to this topic.

She came into photography from an artistic background and holds a PhD in Art History (University of East Anglia, Norwich). That’s why her images often feature artists at work, as well as dance, music and theatrical performances, writer’s workshops, exhibition launches and the life of creative communities in general.

As a portrait specialist, she invites her clients to explore together the idea of the city as a giant location, with ever changing backgrounds and settings – parks and grafitti walls, historical buildings and contemporary billboards, stark grungy concrete and slick shop windows.

Galina has followed her father in his footsteps – he was also a professional photographer albeit working in a more traditional style. 

Her work was published in The Sunday Times and Photo Pro magazines. She appeared on TV on Richard and Judy show with a live Trash the Dress session.

When not photographing Galina likes traveling, reading, visiting art exhibitions and sharing cooking experiments with her husband.

Current projects