Long term urban photography projects

Long term urban photography projects by Galina Walls, focusing on lockdown experience coverage, city portraits, street photography and street style

Current projects

Young people wearing protective masked in public during the coronavirus lockdown

Glasgow in lockdown project

Glasgow in Lockdown Project This photography project is inspired by daily exercise walks on the streets of Glasgow during the COVID-19 pandemic. With this project I aim to create a record of urban life in Glasgow under lockdown as experienced during our neigbourhood walks with the camera in hand. We live in strange and precarious…

Urban Portraits Dumfries Project

Urban Portraits Dumfries Project The URBAN PORTRAITS DUMFRIES project aims to create portraits of people in Dumfries town centre locations and treats the town itself as an urban canvas, a vast set of impressions, colours, textures, frames and shapes. Many thanks to all Doonhammers who volunteered to take part in our August/September photo shoots on the streets…

Closed projects

Spectators with Saltire flags at the annual Guid Nichburris festival float parade

Dumfries Diaries project

Dumfries Diaries Project With this project I wanted to capture images of wonderful people encountered on the streets of Dumfries and to document vibrant art and community life in the area The project cross-referenced lifestyle, street and event photography but at the same time is casual in nature. Comic street performances, outdoor theatre, medieval-style pageants and music…

Birmingham Street Style Project Damion

Birmingham Street Style project

BIRMINGHAM STREET STYLE PROJECT The purpose of the project was to capture awesome photographs of people with great personal style and taste encountered on the streets of Birmingham. Working with complete strangers on the streets of Birmingham, we wanted to preserve that wonderful spirit and spontaneity of the best street fashion examples but spruce it…