This little story about my vintage urban shoot with Emily continues the Urban Portraits Dumfries project related blog series.

I was in a taxi on the way to Dumfries town centre when I noticed an almost empty parking lot where the only vehicle was a little vintage-looking scooter stationed in front of a flowering dog rose. The gritty plaster work, an exhaust pipe on the wall and an Indian takeaway poster screamed “small town” vibes to me, and the wild rose shrub sprouting a mass of hanging stems sprinkled with pale pink flowers added to the charm of the scene.

I had scouted other Dumfries town centre locations for this shoot previously but Emily had platinum blonde hair and wore a mini skirt and a distinctly vintage make up, Marilyn Monroe winged eyeliner and red lips. I simply had to take her to that parking lot for a warming up segment of our portrait session. I thought that Emily’s face framed by wild roses would look great in headshots too.

The scooter threw a gentle reference to the 1953 Roman Holiday film in which Gregory Peek carried Audrey Hepburn around Rome on a Vespa, and a nod to the 60s subculture where a scooter was an aspirational fashion item or a symbol of licence to late clubbing, after all normal public transport shut down.

Vintage urban shoot - Emily on a scooter parked near a dog rose bush
Vintage vibes scooter portrait
Emily on a scooter
Emily under the dog rose bush
Urban Dumfries portrait
Emily wearing vintage makeup for our Urban Portraits Dumfries project shoot
Framed by the dog rose
Pretty with cart eye liner and red lips
In urban greenery

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