#print2014 is a hashtag for a campaign that aims to encourage people to print their photographs, and not let them get corrupted or deleted by accident from hard drives or phones.

It’s underpinned by a belief that despite the fact that we are the most photographed generation in the history of photography there is a danger that these images will not be passed to our children and grandchildren due to a banal data loss and depreciation of digital media formats and carriers.

As history shows, hard copies of images may fare better. They are also more valued as family heirlooms when passed on to future generations.

If you are prepared to join #print2014 crowd you may decide to go beyond ordering standard 6″x4″ prints and try to so something more interesting with your images:

  • frame larger prints and display above the fireplace
  • collate your Instagram and Flickr images into a Blurb book
  • design a board mounted collage for a living room shelf
  • paint a family tree on the staircase wall and add pics to its branches
  • create a feature gallery in the dining room
  • order a canvas sequence to hang above the sofa

and so on.

I am constantly updating my Living with Your Photographs Pinterest board with new ideas how to incorporate physical photographs in your lifestyle.

New pins have been added recently – of free standing collages printed on board, canvases combining images and monogrammes or words, photo quilts, game boards, family tree wall displays, DIT shaped frames – to keep you inspired.

If you are interested please follow my board and start your  own!

A collage of pins from Living with Your Photographs Pinterest board
Added new pins to my ‘Living with your Photographs’ Pinterest board

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