Added a new Pinterest board to inspire you while you are getting ready for your urban photo shoot. It’s all about photogenic hair and beauty, with the focus on styles that are fairly classic and achievable at home (once the initial haircut and colouring is done by a professional, of course…)

Long hair, short hair, red hair and afro, large loose soft curls framing the face and French knots, bangs and braids, twists and head scarves…

Make-up is (mostly!) natural and fresh – it would not date your photo in the years to come and would not horrify your mother. I just wanted to show pins that a combination of subtle smokey eyes and natural lips is extremely photogenic on a girl of any skin colour. Also featured are the red lipstick/kitten eyeliner combo and some alternative teen looks. Just play!

You can find this board here: Any suggestions in the comments welcome!

Pinterest board photogenic hair and beauty
New Pinterest board about photogenic hair and beauty to inspire you in your photo shoot preparations

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