A common question I get asked as a photographer is ‘Should I bring any props to my urban portrait session?’ The answer is that you don’t have to if it makes your life easier.

However, please consider this:

  • props and accessories highlight your individual style that would make your photographs really stand out
  • some accessories, such as scarves and wraps, can be used in different ways, sometimes totally changing your look
  • you’ll have a more creative and dynamic set of images to choose from
  • props help you to cope faster with initial self consciousness because they’ll give you something to interact with.

After some research I have prepared an ‘Urban Props and Accessories’ Pinterest board to inspire you. Cool sunglasses, umbrellas and hats, scarves and boas, giant lollipops and balloons, chiffon wraps, musical instruments and bicycles, earphones and books, helmets, hair pins, head bands, roller skates and hoops – the list is endless. You are welcome to check this board out by clicking on the highlighted link above.

Pinterest board focusing on urban props and accessories
Pinterest board ‘Urban Props and Accessories’

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