Another page in my Dumfries Diaries project – Todd Various of a highly acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe group, Let’s Circus,  brought his act to the town’s High Street. His lively and entertaining performance was part of In Our Town two-month event programme commissioned by the council to boost the town centre weekend life.

I was drawn to this outdoor show by the sound of clapping and roars of laughter from Todd’s spectators. My style of photography naturally gravitates towards high energy, interractive subjects so I hurried along to the source of those cheers.

Todd Various is well-known for his quirky sense of humor and use of audience in performing his tricks. As I arrived, a young kid wearing the performer’s trademark V-hat was recruited to aid in the comedian’s warm up routine to build a rapport with a kind-hearted Dumfries crowd.

Adults and kids were treated to jokes galore and some tricks. The latter included Various swallowing a balloon in front of an amazed audience (really, how did he do it?). The show finished with a Houdini-style escape from a straight jacket and chains while balancing on a Pelican case.

It was great to be able to capture this talented guy perform in Dumfries!

Todd Various performs in High Street in Dumfries
Todd Various performs in High Street in Dumfries
A young member of the audience is recruited to help in a street performance
A young member of the audience wearing his signature hat is recruited to help
Todd Various shows a balloon swallowing trick
Swallowing the balloon
Amused audience of a street performer
The amused spectators of Todd’s street performance
Todd various performs Houdini-style escape photo
Todd Various being wrapped in chains for his Houdini-like escape
Todd Various cracking jokes in a straight jacket and chains
Cracking jokes even in a straight jacket and chains
Audience volunteers help Todd Various with his Houdini act
Audience volunteers help Todd with his Houdini act
Todd Various wiggles of the chains in a streeet performance in Dumfries
Wiggling out of the chains
Chains fall to let a performer free in a Houdini escape routine - detail
Chains fall down
Escape out of a straight jacket
Getting out of a straight jacket
Todd Various getting out of a straight jacket
Nearly free – amazing!
Todd Various in Dumfries
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