How many photographs of your friends and family have you got stored on your PC’s hard drive or IPad? What would happen if your hard drive crashes?

We are a digital generation but we live in a visual-material environment.

Photographs are meant to be printed, touched and displayed. They must sparkle. They must be seen and appreciated. They should not only be viewed on the computer screen. If you put them in an album or on the wall your photos become more valuable, especially with time – you start a lifetime history for them.

The question is – if you have accumulated so many images how would you display them  in your interior? I have created a Pinterest board ‘Living with your photographs’ to kick-start your imagination. Framed featured prints and canvas wraps, gallery walls, display shelves, calendars, collages – you name it. Photographs in living rooms, bedrooms, studies, bathrooms, even laundry rooms! In ordered grids and ‘mix and match’ arrangements alongside art pieces, vintage bric-a-brac and graphic prints…

Be creative! Check out the ideas how to display photographs in your home on this Pinterest board:

Displaying photographs in your home Pinterest board
Displaying photographs in your home Pinterest board

This board may also challenge and inspire you to create multi-dimensional, talk-worthy
photographic pieces of decor in your family home if you are prepared step out of the comfort zone of instant smartphone snaps, ephemeral Facebook posts or boring standard 6″x4″ prints.

Walk around your house and imagine how some of these unusual photographic displays will look on your walls, in relation to your family, your home and your life!

Here are five ideas how to display photographs in your home to get you started:

  1. Use whimsical objects, such as old frying pans, vintage bags or discarded window panels to frame your portraits.

  2. Group old family images of previous generations with the new photos into wall gallery clusters.

  3. Get frames all of the same size and arrange them on your dining room wall in a grid pattern for a clean modern look.

  4. Step up to the larger scale pieces and splurge on professionally printed  canvases or custom frames to make a statement.

  5. Split one image into several panels or bring several images into one collage

Above all, be creative and come up with unexpected photographic arrangements to draw the eye in!

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