I have a one track mind – everywhere I go in Dumfries I look for ideal portrait locations. Kingholm Quay, with its picturesque harbour, rustic flock of chickens running freely in the neighbourhood, the abandoned telephone box, the river, hazy hills in the distance, the soft pastel waves of summer heathers and grasses is an ideal and safe place for family portraits. My mum called it ‘idyllic’.

The countryside encroaches upon Dumfries from all sides, and if you walk away from the town centre along the riverside you’ll soon feel a breeze of bucolic tranquillity.

We took a long weekend afternoon stroll along the river Nith and I did some recce for portraits in Kingholm Quay.

A word of warning – wear long-sleeved shirts or bring an insect repellent. The gnats here is voracious!

A field along Kingholm Loaning
Wherever we go our walk always leads us to this view of Kingholm Loaning
Ivy on the side of the house
This ivy looks like a tree
The chickens of Kingholm Quay
The chickens of Kingholm Quay
Chickens under a red telephone box
Chickens under a red telephone box
Wild plants growing along the river Nith
Pastel pinks against the hazy hills
Man walking in the countryside
Johns walks away to avoid my camera
Wild plants
I like the cotton-like fluffiness of these thistles
Pretty heathers
Man walking his dog
Man walking his dog – it’s such a common sight here!
Boys sitting on the bench
Boys plotting something
A girl on the skateboard
A girl on the skateboard  – lots of kids here have them – the Crichton church in the distance

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