WE HAVE MOVED – from Birmingham to Dumfries in Scotland!

John, my husband, has accepted a research post offer from the University of Glasgow, with the synthetic biology project based at the University’s research park in Dumfries. Like an army spouse, I have to relocate too!

I feel overwhelmed and heart-broken. The hardest thing about moving is to leave behind people with whom I made a connection and the vibrant and exciting city that is Birmingham. The busy street energy… Photogenic multicultural community events… The urbanscape… The Library… Amazing people… Tides of creative vibe… Emerging collaborations… Fashion shows… Festivals… Book readings… Model shoots…

I thank everybody who made 2013 such a wonderful year for me as a photographer. I am looking though the last year’s archives and remember all the amazing talented people who touched my life and whose life, in turn,  was touched by my work. I leave with sadness but hope that you’ll extend your support a bit further to help me cope with this move. I’ll keep you posted how things progress!

The new part of our lives starts NOW. The biggest challenge is to adapt my shooting style and lifestyle and editorial photographic approach to the new location in Dumfries and Galloway, possibly extending to Glasgow, Carlisle, Edinburgh and Newcastle upon Tyne to offer urban-driven services. We’ll see…

In the coming months this website is going to change to accommodate exciting new projects related to Dumfries. I have been unplugged until our broadband connection was installed but was quietly plotting offline on curating images for new galleries and updating my website. I can’t wait to unveil it all! Please be patient with us during this transition time.


Moved from Birmingham to Dumfries graphic
Moved from Birmingham to Dumfries graphic. Designed in Canva

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