The challenge to introduce urban bicycle portraits for my personal project was inspired by an earlier street-style oriented Cycle Chic photo shoot with Taj. However, this time I wanted a grittier, more lifestyle feel to my images, and exposed bricks and rough peeling textures of Dumfries back yards made a suitable playground.

When I mentioned using a bike for a portrait prop, Justin said he owned one and would be happy to bring it to our session. I pre-scouted the area and also browsed my Urban Cycling Pinterest Board for some inspiration and creative ideas.

His climbing shoes tucked away, Justin changed into a black hoodie with thick red stripe pattern on the sleeves. This brought us back to the back of the Stove because I thought that the solid black rectangle of the lift door there would form a backdrop for more bold geometry-framed look.

Finally, I read in the paper that the Odeon Cinema, that served Dumfries for 90-years (opened as The Regal in 1931) was to close down, leaving the town without a large-scale cinema, with only 69-seat Robert Burns Centre facility left. I wanted for us to honour the last days of the venue and take some urban bicycle portraits in front of the Odeon. Just for memories sake…

Justin with his bike at one of Dumfries back yards
Justin reacting to his friends who passed us by and cheered
Urban bike portrait in the lift doorway of the Stove in Dumfies
Justin in his black and red hoodie framed by a black door
Bicycle used as a prop for a portrait photo shoot
Playing with gesture and colour
Bold black and red look on black background
Justin's urban portrait
Bike positioned vertically to bring its wheel and red branding closer to Justin's face
Justin with his bike for my Urban Portraits Dumfries project
Urban bicycle portraits - bicycle used as a lifestyle prop
Black door, black bike wheel
Urban geometries

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