First, I heard the screams from a few blocks away. Then I saw bright flashing lights. And watched how the nearby tree foliage lit up reflecting multicoloured LEDs. Yep, it was the annual St Enoch Square funfair rides!

I walked past them in daylight, just observing without taking my camera out of the bag, and chose to come back at dusk.

I photographed Whitesands seasonal fair rides in Dumfries on an overcast day before but ultimately I think the bright pulsing LED lights look their best after sunset when they glow against the purple blue skyline and the colour saturation is the strongest.

As the blue hour during Glasgow Summer Fair started around 9pm, only two larger rides were still in operation, Extreme and Viva Mexico. With kids tucked in their beds, these St Enoch Square funfair attractions proved popular with teens and young adults and introduced an exciting highlight to their night out routine.

By 10pm however the fair shut down completely, giving a few photographers around a narrow window to grab their shots.

St EnochSquare funfair 2019
Fairground light streaks reflected on the subway station canope
Extreme ride fragment through the leaves
Extreme ride in full swing at St Enoch Square funfair
St Enoch Square funfair ride Extreme at dusk, teens enjoying their night out start
LED lights adding colour to the nearby foliage
Glowing Viva Mexico ride payment desk ramp
Viva Mexico ride - detail
A group of teens in the air on Viva Mexico funfair ride at St Enoch Square

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