It’s still raining almost every day here in Dumfries, but I braved the outdoors for a photowalk during a brief spell of dry weather last week (it only lasted about 20 minutes, then I had to dash back home). I was looking for soft muted colours of Scottish winter. Nature and life were everywhere I pointed my camera – sturdy moss growing on hedge along Glencaple Road, powdery fungi blisters on the stone and determined baby weeds sprouching in the cracks of a stone wall.

Here at Glenholm Place the still naked tree sprigs was readying their buds for spring. Some fruit and berries, left unnoticed by birds, graced the brunches. I was amazed how many brave plants dared flowering in February.

Below are some images I took on my imprompu photowalk.

Tree brunches photographed in winter
At Glenholm Place
Tree brunches photographed in winter
Looking for soft, muted colours – which was easy as it was about to rain
Close-up of the moss ground on the stone wall
Close-up of the moss growing on the stone wall along Glencaple Road in Dumfries
Sturdy winter plant growing on the stone wall
Sturdy winter weeds sprouting on the stone wall
Contrast between the plants and the stone
Loved the contrast between the plants/fungi and the stone
A tiny wild flower in February
It’s amazing that some plants are flowering in February
Flowering winter buds
More flowering winter buds

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