It’s our first spring in Dumfries. After an almost non-stop inclement weather, hales, floods and rain, I have started to wonder when the springs comes. Then by some trick of nature the skies cleared for two days in a row, the sun peeked out – and the tree across the road from our house in Glenholm Place has blossomed!

It was 6.45am. John was still fast asleep. The morning was crispy and bright. I was in a mood for spring colours – delicate, pastel, pink, life-affirming. That tree was magical, beaconing me to come out and photograph the fragile blooms. I opened the back door pretending I wanted to take the rubbish out – it was just a pretext. I needed to satisfy my creative side. I took a few frames and went back home, only to be stopped by our next door neighbour who told me that I should go to the Crichton in a couple of weeks – I’ll find more gorgeous floral subjects to shoot there.

Life is beautiful!

Tree branches covered with spring blossoms
Tree branches covered with spring blossoms in the morning sun
Pastel blossom flurry
Pastel blossom flurry
Close-up of the spring bloom
Close-up of the blooms
Half-opened buds next to flowers
The half-opened buds next to the flowered ones
Darker pink-lilac shades introduced by the bokeh
I love darker pink-lilac shades of the bokeh produced by the neighbouring branches


Spring blossoms
Spring is officially here in Dumfries

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