Our popular Birmingham Street Style Project is now closed due to the relocation to Dumfries, Scotland.
The purpose of the project was to capture awesome photographs of people with great personal style and taste encountered on the streets of Birmingham

All images were taken completely free of charge, to showcase stylish looks with stylish photography they deserve!

Shot on the fly very quickly, these street style photos were slightly directed – after all, a standard straight head-on approach is quite repetitive and not particularly flattering to the subjects. Rather than standing still squarely to the camera subjects were asked to sit, pose (minimally, to keep it fun!) or move in order to feature their outfit, accessory or hairstyle more creatively.

Working with complete strangers on the streets of Birmingham, we wanted to preserve that wonderful spirit and spontaneity of the best street fashion examples but spruce it up with a better use of location and more flattering angles.

If you are interested to see the results of this project you can find the photos in the Birmingham Street Style section of my blog .

You can view a selection of our favourites below. Please click on any thumbnail to view the gallery.