Dumfries Diaries Project

With this project I wanted to capture images of wonderful people encountered on the streets of Dumfries and to document vibrant art and community life in the area

The project cross-referenced lifestyle, street and event photography but at the same time is casual in nature.

Comic street performances, outdoor theatre, medieval-style pageants and music festivals, rides and fairs, art ventures, local attractions steeped in history, little clandestine discoveries as I moved through Dumfries, my own neighbourhood and doonhamers‘ random activities were observed and interpreted through the lens.

As my work has a distinct editorial bias, most of my photographs were woven into narratives, and the resulting photo essays are displayed in the Dumfries Diaries section on our blog.

I am grateful to be given access to inspirational community events, to meet new exciting people (and their dogs – it seems everyone around here has one!) and to grow creatively as a photographer in the process.

This project is now closed due to the relocation. Meanwhile, here’s a quick gallery of excerpts from Dumfries Diaries that can be viewed as individual street images, rather than visual narrative sequences on my blog.