Our Sunday breakfast was interrupted by the sounds of bagpipes under our windows, reminding that this year’s Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run 10K was about to reach Clyde Street. Runners started their route at George Square, snaked through two bridges crossing the river and now there was only 1K left to the finishing line at Glasgow Green.

I grabbed my camera and rushed downstairs, looking forward to soaking the atmosphere of sportsmanship and capturing candids of the run participants and their supporters.

In our family John always dreamed of living somewhere near the water, a sea or a river. I, on the other hand, always wanted to live in a central location where documentary photos could be be found on my doorstep. We are finally both happy – John with his river and bridges, me with interesting shots just as I come out of the door.

I was still changing the settings on my camera when Max Milarvie, the future winner of the 10K race, passed me but I managed to photograph Richard Mair and Thoas Cornthwaite who came second and third. I also captured Gemma Steel who would be the first woman to cross the finishing line at Glasgow Green.

All along, I tried to focus on genuine human stories – great expressions on the faces of the athletes of various age groups and abilities as they strain along the route, touching messages of support and encouragement from the loved ones, fancy dress fun. I also captured perseverance of those who chose to run/part walk despite their age, anguish of the ones who gave up, volunteers looking after the ones who fell…

Of course, as I am an urban photographer, Glasgow landmarks featured prominently in my shots as the runners passed them.

The 11th Great Scottish Run 10k route was laid along the magnificent St Anrew’s Metropolitan Cathedral reflected in the nearby modern glass-panelled office building, past the graffiti walls of the Clutha bar and the giant Mackintosh mural above, the old crenellated turrets and cast iron parapets of City Union Railway Bridge/St Enoch Viaduct, through the weathered stones of McLennan’s Arch and near the colourful 2014 Commonweath Games logo sculpture.

Richard Mair of Kilmarnock Harriers & AC outside my house - he will be 2nd in the 2019 Great Scottish Run 10K
Messages to participants on the Wall of Support Display (detail)
Thomas Cornthwaite of Salford Harriers that will later finish third among men in  the 10k run
Running commentary outside Wall of Support display opposite the ship-shaped Carrick Quay
Gemma Steel of Charnford AC of Victoria Park AAC that will eventually be the first woman to cross the 10K finishing line
A look of total concentration
White wave runners
Age is not an obstacle!
That face!
A group of runners passing the Bank of Scotland barriers outside St Andrews Cathedral on Clyde Street
Molly, 45 mins pacer
It's really hard!
Running for charity
Mother and daughter carrying a sign to cheer their dad
10K race  at the Clutha bar junction, watched by the giant Mackintosh face
Onlookers waiting for their family member to photograph
Pausing to catch one's breath - it's not over yet
Giving up?
Calling for medical help as one of the runners falls
A fallen runner helped by volunteers
Green wave passes McLennan Arch
Runner's expression - closeup
Family supporters
Runners passing Glasgow 2014 sculpture on Glasgow Green
The dogs support runners too...
Spectators along the barrie outside Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games logo Sculpture
Times for white, green and pink waves on the electronic display
On the finishing stretch on Glasgow Green
At 400 meters mark
Great Scottish Run 10K participants on the way to Glasgow Green
A group of Scots, one wearing a kilt, run under City Union Railway Bridge near Glasgow Green
Pink wave participants run past St Andrew's cathedral on Clyde Street
Amateur runners of all abilities and ages
Mental Heath UK charity partner support group
A Scottish Sikh runner with a saltire flag
10K race participant in a fancy dress
Spectators watching the race from the Clyde promenade parapet
Clyde Street - the pink wave runners/part walkers approaching 9k sign
Scottish piper at the 9K mark of Great Scottish Run 10K event

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