I was following Oor Wullie’s Bucket Trail at George Square and noticed large crowds been drawn by Your Water Your Life campaign tent. Towered by a giant refillable water bottle, there were two temporary top up taps installed, with Scottish Water team giving free reusable water bottles to passers by.

The campaign was launched in 2018, and further strengthened by a series of Scottish Water On Tour events across the region. I was aware that at previous events members of the public were encouraged to share photos of their water bottles on social media to draw attention to Your Water Your Life initiative to reduce plastic waste and save money on buying pre-bottled water.

So I decided to linger around and take one of my spontaneous urban life photo sketches to celebrate this gift of free and clear water unfolding at George Square.

I also had a chat with a friendly Scottish Water person and played their two-minute Water Wisdom quiz on how to be water smart and reduce household water waste.

Do you know how many litres of water you can save if you switch off the running water while brushing your teeth? Or take a slightly shorter shower in the morning?

I was amazed how great the turnout was and how many people stayed after getting their free bottle to strike a conversation.

The staff members took care to educate the campaign visitors about the importance of staying hydrated and the huge amount of checks and procedures in place that ensure that tap water stayed safe and free from any harmful bugs.

And of course I picked up the iconic blue refillable water bottle, filled it from the tap and took away with me…

Scottish Water event draws crowds at George Square, Glasgow
A Scottish Water staff member chats with a member of the public at George Square, Glasgow, during Your Water Your Life campaign event
The iconic blue Your Water Your Life bottle at the top up tap
Glaswegians playing Water Wisdom quiz and getting water saving household tips
Your Water Your Life campaigner chats with a member of the public about environmental and health issues
At temporary Top Your Bottle taps supervised by Scottish Water member
Busy temporary top up water station
One of Glaswegians topping up his refillable water bottle from a temporary Scottish Water tap at George Square, Glasgow
A dog water bowl at Your WaterYour Life campaign event

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