Don’t believe the weather lore!

‘Red sky at night; shepherds delight,
Red sky in the morning; shepherds warning.’

I saw a lovely warm light descending on Kingholm Quay on Wednesday afternoon and hurried down the road with my camera to capture the banks of the River Nith and the harbour buildings caressed by  the setting sun. The sky was incredible, some clouds had an almost painterly texture. the sunset was pinky-red…

Guess what – it was raining all day the next day!

A disused warehouse opposite Kingholm Quay harbour at sunset
The River Nith at Kingholm Quay Dumfries
Golden light hits the river bank
A boat moored at Kingholm Quay harbour
A boat moored at Kingholm Quay harbour
Kingholm Quay harbour area
Chickens enjoy the sun
Love the red-purple reflected sunset light
Sunset over the houses at the bottom of the road

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