I photographed these views of the River Nith near Kingholm Quay during May thunderstorms – when brief sunlight spells were sandwiched between heavy rain and bouts of hail – but forgot to publish them on my blog. Catching up!

It almost shocks me that I can see the light hitting the tips of the hills from the window at the top of the stairs and just nip out to the river to capture the scene.

Crichton Royal Dairy cows in Kingholm Quay
The Crichton Royal Dairy field on the banks of the River Nith in Dumfries
Cows in Kingholm Quay Dumfries
Close encounters just within 10 minute walk from the house
River Nith
It’s so peaceful and still by the river
A view on the opoosite side of the river from Kingholm Quay
A wisp of smoke behind the hills on the opposite side of the river
Side-lit tree on the banks of the River Nith
These wisps quickly turn into fluffy white clouds right in front of you
The windmills are barely visible in a distance across a stormy sky
The windmills are visible across a stormy sky in the distance
Sunlight caressing the hills Dumfries
Sunlight caressing the hills

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