The amazing 3,000 lanterns of various shapes and sizes lit Dumfries streets during last year’s Big Burns Night parade. This year Doonhamers are challenged to break this record with 4,500 lanterns for 2016 Burns Carnival. How are they going to complete such a monumental task?

A series of lantern making workshops have been set up across the region where expert instruction how to make your own lantern is provided, along with all materials, glue and tools provided. Just get a string of battery-powered LED lights to light your masterpiece and turn up at the carnival assembly point on time!

I attended one of these workshops at Georgetown Community Centre and witnessed how Dumfries families are getting along with their lantern making. Captain Jack (Jack Finlay) was in charge to demonstrating the attendees the secrets of the trade. Lots of families turned up, sometimes all three generations, and the whole experience was fun, light-hearted and sparkling with laughter.

Community spirit was high, different families mingling and teaming up to learn a new craft. Some dads and grandmas turned up as well. For me as a photographer was important to catch those sparks of genuine love and care that bond families together.

The majority of little attendees went for a basic triangular shape but some chose more adventurous designs. And in the end, everyone left with a lantern of their own to dry at home!

Lantern making workshop at Georgetown Community Centre for 2016 Burns Carnival
Lantern making workshop at Georgetown Community Centre for 2016 Burns Carnival
Boy pulling masking tape
Boy pulling masking tape
Boy picking materials for his lantern frame
Materials and tools provided for free
Captain Jack (Jack Finlay) teaches lantern making skills at the Georgetown Community Centre workshop
Captain Jack teaches young workshop attendees the secrets of the trade
Children cooperating while learning lthe lantern making skills
Joining to learn new skills
The sheer concentration
The sheer concentration
Family almost comlete their Big Burns Night lanterns
This batch is nearly ready
Family bonds
Family bonds
Children laughing while making lanterns
Lantern making is fun!
A girl with a pyramid lantern carcass
Most youngsters opted for a simpler pyramid lantern shape
More elaborate lantern shape
More elaborate lantern variation
Tree generations of the family work together at lantern making workshop
Three generations at work


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