As I am editing some autumn portraits for my Urban Portraits Dumfries project from 2018, here’s  a quick flashback to the seasonal images of Kaileigh, her mum Louise and their boisterous cocker spaniel Rio I took several years ago. I shared Part 1 of this Carstledykes Park session last year. Now it’s time to reveal some more…

As you know I would prefer a scrappy old car park or a loading bay at the back street for my portraits any day of the week because they lend so much texture and character to the scene. More than green lawns and some generic trees, in any case.

However, John argues that public “green spaces” are an important element in the fabric of urban culture and I should include these locations in my project as well.

Fair enough, especially as Castledykes Park, with its absentee castle, destroyed in the name of Scottish independence, is such a historically charged site for Dumfries.

I was glad, that Louise, Kayleigh’s mum, agreed to join the project session and I had a chance to take a few autumn portraits of them together!

Kayleigh, a little independent stylist she was on the day, decided to change her outfit for this segment and appropriately chose a patriotic red tartan shirt.

The final part of this photo story is here.

A girl on a red tartan shirt rests on a tree stump

Autumn portrait of a girl sitting on the tree stump

Outdoor portrait with autumn vibes

Autumn portraits - a girl on a scooter in Castledykes Park, Dumfries

Late afternoon sun lights a girl on a scooter

Family portrait with a dog in Castledykes Park

Autumn portrait of a woman

Headshot of a woman

Lifestyle family portraits of mother and daughter with their dog

Portrait of a girl in a red tartan shirt

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