Urban and street photography

engaged visual narratives about urban encounters, cultural practices and lifestyles, spaces, structures and public art

At the opening of the Library of Birmingham
Distorted reflections on New Street Birmingham station


Documenting community activism and public events in urban domain


Celebrating people with great personal style and authentic sense of fashion

Visual playgrounds

Visualising the serendipitous nature and wonderful diversity of urban life – people watching, urban interludes, dialogues with urban spaces

Public art encounters

Exploring architecture, public sculpture, ad hoc installations and mural art in their unique urban context – a form of street art history

“Urban photography is an interdisciplinary field of visual practice concerned with the evocation and representation of urban spaces and the lives of those living, working and moving through such spaces.”

– Paul Halliday

Techno Tin Bin Man playing - St Enoch Glasgow
Makeshift beech fragment with a seaside sound recording
The Anonymous member with "Putin the Peacemaker" sign in All Under One Banner march

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