From my well-appointed balcony I could see driblets of people in fancy dress, with big signs in their hands, heading across the road for the Clyde Amphitheatre to join Blue Wave 2020 climate protest.

Following the success of the previous year event, some 500 community climate change activists gathered on the banks of the river Clyde to voice their concerns about the rising sea levels, increase of areas susceptible to flooding, loss of biodiversity, ocean pollution and threat to marine wildlife.

Members of various Scottish chapters of Extinction Rebellion campaigned alongside Animal Rebellion protesters, Greenpeace, Dumfries and Galloway Climate Group, Next Bike and some other climate change aware groups. Kids, dogs and picnic food were welcome.

There was signing, hugging, dancing and face painting in the best peaceful protest tradition, followed by the human Blue Wave spilling from the banks of the river Clyde up to the top of Buchanan Street. The marchers were led by the Blue Rebel Brigade performers and chanted “The seas are rising and so are we!” and “What do we want? Climate justice!” on the way to Buchanan Galleries.

Blue Wave 2020 climate protest event was photographer-friendly, where the images were encouraged to be shared online and on the social media with specific hashtags.

To capture a visually rich story I tried to document the collective action and emotions of the participants, along with the details of the campaigners’ fancy dress, face paint and personal items. I also placed some focus on the political diversity and unity contained in posters and banners, and took some vivid individual portraits brimming with positive energy.

Blue Wave 2020 climate protest held on the steps of the Clyde Amphitheatre in Glasgow
Extinction Rebellion supporters holding "Act Now" sign
Face painting
Clyde Amphitheatre during Blue Wave 2020 climate protest
Animal Rebellion  activists
Climate emergency protesters reflected in a puddle at Blue Wave 2020
Directing the singers
Member of the choir wearing a shark on her head
Dogs take part too
Fancy dress
Protester's bike
Dancing to Extinction Rebellion band
Hugs and smiles
Campaigners leave Clyde walk
Blue Rebel Brigade performers lead the Blue Wave up Buchanan Street
The Blue Rebel Brigade mime the protest
Buchanan Street - climate emergency banner
Laugh and smiles during  the Blue wave 2020 parade
Have a go at vegan!
Girl carrying a yellow climate changer poster
Blue wale and plastic sign board in the hand (detail)
Blue Wave reaches the steps of Buchanan Galleries
Mum and kids sitting on the steps with "Thanks planet Jupiter but i want to stay on Earth" homemade poster
Dog with Blue Wave decor
Protesters holding the netting fabric with marine creatures applied
Blue and green - the colours of Blue Wave 2020
Kids join the family-friedly eco action
In fancy dress
Human blue sea
Greenpeace campaigner with Clean the Seas and Blue Wave face paint
Detail - a bag with climate protest stickers and badges
Greenpeace activists posing with the sign "Protect the Oceans"
Family leaving the eco demonstration on Buchanan Street

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