The URBAN PORTRAITS DUMFRIES project aims to create portraits of people in Dumfries town centre locations
and treats the town itself as an urban canvas, a vast set of impressions, colours, textures, frames and shapes.

Many thanks to all Doonhammers who volunteered to take part in our August/September photo shoots on the streets of Dumfries!!! It was a fun and exciting experience!

So far we used Waterstones bookstore entrance for an urban family portrait, had a toy tea party at Friars Vennel, played on Devorgilla bridge, experimented with light and shadows in the narrow alleys and explored the rich colours of Irish Street. We made passers-by smile on the suspension bridge and had Nithsdale reflected in the mirror. We walked dogs, drank coffee and danced in the town centre.

Alas, this project will end in 2016. I think there will be approximately five more sessions available. Themed model calls will be announced via my Facebook page so please follow me if you want to take part in URBAN PORTRAITS DUMFRIES project. Your participation will be rewarded on the 'files for time' basis.  A selection of 5-10 high resolution images will be presented to the individuals and groups involved within a week after the session. I will license the files for personal and PR use so that they can be printed and shared on social media.

The resulting portraits may be used on my blog and Facebook page, and appear in exhibitions, as well as various magazine and newspaper articles in relation to the project.

I am looking forward to our creative exploration of Dumfries and new faces and ideas!


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