Location Portrait Sessions

for creatives, families and simply adventurous souls 
who (like me) dislike cookie-cutter poses and fake backgrounds

Urban portrait of a young girl
Lifestyle portraits of a couple jumping in the air


Colourful, bold, edgy and dynamic photo shoots,
treating the whole city or town as a giant location set


Beautiful, relaxed, evoking genuine emotions –
perfect sessions for an engaged or eloping couple


Light-hearted fun lifestyle portrait sessions
for kids, siblings and their parents


Dynamic and engaging portraits for professionals –
for use on social media, websites and in print

“One day we’ll all be a photograph.”

– Marti Friedlander

Featured Portrait Galleries

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Frequent Questions

How to book, what to wear and other frequently asked questions anwered

How to book my portrait session?

  1. Request your free consultation to discuss your portrait session ideas and requirements.
  2. Decide what type of session you want and fill and sign the booking form.
  3. Return the form to me, pay the booking/package fee and pick the date for your photo shoot.

What are your prices?

It depends on the products you will order – digital files, framed portraits, albums, folio boxes or prints – and the type of your portrait session. After your consultation you can download Products and Prices Guide and plan your budget.

Where will my portrait session take place?

In an urban setting, most likely Dumfries town centre – its squares, parks, streets and alleys. The main goal is to choose a location and time(!) where we shall be relatively private, without interfering with city life and people, or normal operation of businesses. No tripods or stands. We’ll move quickly and won’t hog the space.

Do you travel outside Dumfries?

Yes, to another nearby urban location (e.g. Carlisle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle-upon-Tyne etc.) if the session fee covers travel time and expenses.

What to expect on the day?

It will be painless and fun, I promise – no hard posing, but may involve some walking. I won’t ask you to do anything cheesy or clashing with your personality or style. Recognising what to capture and how to do it, when to take control and let it go makes me a professional photographer.

How long will my portrait session last?

Typically between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 hrs.

Can I bring a friend?

That’s such a great idea! You will feel much safer with a friend tagging along, especially if they are prepared to watch your bag during the session or hold a reflector, or simply make you laugh…

What should I wear?

You already have your individual style. Wear anything in which you will comfortable yet attractive. You can bring a couple of changes of clothes – something lightweight to be easily changed into – a different shirt or jacket, a dress if you are initially wearing trousers.
If your portrait photography session is a branding or conceptual shoot we’ll discuss the wardrobe details before the session.

Do I need to bring some props with me?

You don’t have to, but consider this – a hat, cool glasses, a simple scarf or shawl, a musical instrument or a skating board etc. will make your photos more ‘YOU’, change your looks and give you something to interact with. Here’s an ‘Urban props and Accessories’ Pinterest board for you to get some inspiration. Lifestyle Family Portraits Pinterest board may be of interest to those booking a family session.

How long will it take to see our pictures?

I will contact you five to seven days after your session to schedule a viewing appointment or share an online gallery link.

How long to wait for print/product delivery?

It depends on the product. Prints will arrive faster, framed portraits and canvases take longer for my lab to produce. Storybooks will take longest as time is needed for design and production. Please tell me if you have a deadline!

How do I order?

Your downloadable products will be accessible from inside your online gallery. Other products must be ordered in person – you will see the images on a larger screen and make a more informed decision which ones would fit your decor or achieve your goals better.

Request Free Consultation to discuss your needs