Using Pinterest boards for family portrait sessions

I’ve recently started a new Pinterest board dedicated to lifestyle family portraits.  It features some of my work as well as images I came across on the web that may help you to prepare better for your portrait session.

Long gone are the times  when all you had to do to get your family photographs was just to turn up at the studio wearing your Sunday best. Lifestyle portraiture is highly personalised, often activity-based, steeped in genuine emotions and requires collaboration between your family and your photographer. Hence, you need to pre-plan what kind of location and activities will allow to capture the spirit of your family better. But don’t worry – the planning process is pretty straightforward and painless. And Pinterest is here to help.

The WRONG way to use the Pinterest board is to pick a few photographs and ask your photographer to duplicate them for your family. No responsible professional will agree to plagiarise the work of their fellow photographer. Moreover, in most cases it is impossible because your family dynamic, your outfits and location, as well as the photographer’s vision, lighting and post-processing techniques will differ. Just accept it!

The RIGHT way is to treat the ‘Lifestyle family portraits’ board and other online resources only as a starting point for some brainstorming on your part. Think what you can do together as a family during your portrait session.

You can

  • feed the swans in the local park
  • climb the hill
  • walk in the fields
  • ride a bike
  • throw autumn leaves in the air
  • organise a family picnic
  • play ball games
  • pick fruit in your garden
  • visit fairground
  • blow and catch soap bubbles
  • plant new shrubs
  • pick flowers
  • dress up in vintage clothes
  • play with your pets
  • feed chickens
  • build a sand castle at the seaside
  • jump on a trampoline
  • go fishing or boating
  • cook sausages at the camp file
  • start a water fight with a garden hose.

This list (ranging from the simplest activities, such as walking in the fields, to more involved choices)  is endless – and you are welcome to add your ideas in the comments.

The pins I added to the board also aim to inspire you to think what type of clothes may suit your family activity, what props you’ll need to bring to the shoot or what location to choose.

Now you are ready and probably have two or three exciting ideas to discuss with your photographer who will decide which one of them is the most feasible in terms of lighting and logistics!

Lifestyle family portraits Pinterest board

My lifestyle family portraits Pinterest board