Updating portfolio galleries

Following our move to Dumfries I have decided to expand my menu of services to offer location portrait sessions, wedding photography and engagement shoots in the area. New portfolio galleries are to be added of course to showcase these services. However my side-scrolling gallery setup, although easy to use and pretty on a full size monitor, was not optimised for mobile viewing. At least when John tried to view the Urban Portrait portfolio on his IPhone the gallery did not load. At all.


So my first step in updating portfolio galleries was to switch to a  mosaic view, where a  lightbox was launched by clicking on the loupe overlay at the bottom-right corner of each thumbnail. This type does load on John’s IPhone, however some thumbnails get pixellated, and the lightbox frame is too tiny to discern anything. I’ll have to do more testing and tinkering but John advised me to leave it alone for now because (he said) people who are serious about booking a photographer  look at portfolios on larger monitors or tablets, not on mobile phones.


Ever since my birthday I had a slight cold and used the downtime to rummage through archives for gallery photos. Yesterday I curated a selection of engagement session images to showcase a variety of locations and activities our clients chose as their ‘playground’.  Some were enthusiastic about urban settings, others preferred sandy beaches, seaside rocks, rapeseed fields, fairgrounds or distressed barns.

Quiet and soft, or active and spirited – whatever mood suited their personalities and lifestyle! I just had to apply my professional touch to create a memorable and heart-warming photographic story for each of my couples.

Please visit the Engagement Sessions gallery to have a look. More portfolio collections are coming up!

Engagement session photo - a couple framed by the castle ruins

An engagement session photo from the gallery - an embracing couple framed by the castle ruins