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  • Trompe l'oeils of Friars Vennel

  • One sunny day in June 2014 I stood with my camera in the middle of Friars Vennel, Dumfries, staring at the row of colourfully painted houses whose façades were decorated by trompe l'oeil murals. There they were  - an illusionary Paws to Buy pet shop, Gifts and Accessories and Byre Antiques, aligned [...]
  • Under Caledonian Railway Bridge in Glasgow

  • As I photographed street art in the vicinity of the Lighthouse during my previous trip, my magpie instinct urged me to follow Glasgow city centre mural trail further - this time to visit 'The Five Faces' panels by Smug under Caledonian Railway Bridge on Clyde Street. Smug's colourful and funny artwo[...]
  • Glasgow - The Lighthouse and street art nearby

  • Another chance for an urban exploration during my forced trip to Glasgow while my beloved camera was repaired and checked up by the excellent A.J.Johnstone and Co camera repair shop near Glasgow Central. I had a couple of hours to spare for sightseeing and urban photography in the nearby Lighthouse,[...]
  • Glasgow street art

  • My previous experience of large scale street art was limited to the taxi tour of Belfast murals John and I took several years ago. Those enormous Irish wall paintings were edgy, highly political and emotionally charged - the tour brought out John's childhood memories of living there in the seventies[...]