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  • Nithraid 2017 night time

  • Nithraid 2017 was the first time when this popular Dumfries river Nith festival continued into the night time with live music, film projections, tasty vegan stew, campfires and stories by the Vikings. I was privileged to document the efforts of talented artists from the Stove Network that masterm[...]
  • As Above So Below at Nithraid 2015

  • As Above So Below is a piece of an outdoor interactive performance art commissioned to the Young Stovies for Nithraid 2015. The show created by the Mad Jackals, a group of young Dumfries artists, is loosely based on the ideas of Enlightment. It explores the esoteric correspondences of the 'as above [...]
  • Nithraid 2014 - another success for the Stovies!

  • Nithraid 2014 is a return of a fun and spirited public celebration of the River Nith crossing Dumfries. Masterminded and organised by The Stove artists' collective, this year's Nithraid is bigger and more eventful and colourful. Some 5000 spectators lined the riverbanks on September 13 to see the Sa[...]