Street photography – Glasgow encounter

It was dark(ish) and damp as if the sky couldn’t decide between drizzle and light rain so it intermittently served both. I picked up my most weather sealed camera with a conservative 35mm prime for this Glasgow street photography walk and was resolved to keep taking photos in spite of the elements.

I was rather inspired by this piece of guidance:

I suppose my first bit of advice on bad weather photography will always be: There is no such thing as bad weather – only different types of lighting. 90% of photography is in the mind, and if you set out with the view "it's so dull, I won't get any good pictures" then that's a guarantee – you really won't.John Gravett

Indeed, in the end I stopped shivering and started to enjoy the glistening pavement tones on Hutcheson Street in Merchant City. The rain rendered all colours deep and saturated and the geometric shapes of the nearby car park appeared almost abstract.

A multi-story building in process  of demolition caught my attention. It towered over the pressed wood construction fence as a wounded animal, the outer walls knocked down revealing pale pastel guts.

I noticed a small family group stop ahead of me. The father, obviously a fellow Glasgow street photographer, was climbing on top of one of those grey utility boxes you see in urban streets. It was quite slippery but he was determined to get a better viewpoint at the building wreck.

So the guy took photos of the dismantled structure as his son and two dogs, completely nonplussed, waited patiently in the drizzle. And I took photos of the photographer, his son and the dogs, thinking about ALL of them: “That’s dedication to street photography!”

I wonder what they thought of me…

Wet afternoon at Hutcheson Street, Glasgow

Wet afternoon at Hutcheson Street, Glasgow

Geometric shapes in car park at Hutcheson Street

Car park geometries

Glasgow demolition site

Glasgow demolition site

That's dedication to street photography!

Patiently waiting for street photographer to get his shot

Fellow street photographer with his son and dogs

Dismantled building behind the fence | Street photography Glasgow

Dismantled building behind the fence | Street photography, Glasgow