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  • Library of Birmingham terrace gardens

  • I am not an architectural photographer, no I am a gardener. I am a photographer of urban life. So when we visited the Library of Birmingham terrace gardens, the Discovery Terrace and the Secret Garden, during the last week's 4 Squares Weekender (as usual, my event coverage gallery is on Flickr) I wa[...]
  • Self Portrait Birmingham

  • Of the two of us, it's I, due to my art history degree, that is more likely to tiptoe around a pile of bricks at the Tate Modern and believe the sign saying that it is the greatest work of art of all times. So, when I read out from the Discovery Season prospectus that a small wooden structure crowne[...]
  • Birmingham International Food Fair 2013

  • Birmingham International Food Fair  2013 is still in full swing until Sunday 25 August. 120 stalls showcasing delicious food from around the world plus local food and drink can be enjoyed if you wander around Chamberlain and Victoria Square, as well as Upper New Street. You can taste an ostrich burg[...]
  • Birmingham Ratha Yatra Festival 2013

  • On Sunday, 11 August, John and I attended the 13th anniversary of a joyful and colourful Birmingham Ratha Yatra Festival, also known as Festival of the Chariots. It was organised by ISKCON Birmingham and featured a giant wooden Jagannath Chariot pulled by hand by the Hindu devotees from Chamberlain [...]