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  • Lindsey Davis Talk at the Library of Birmingham

  • I was introduced to the Falco historical crime best-sellers by Lindsey Davis when I was a PhD student in Norwich and shared a house with wonderful Annie and Chris. Chris, an avid Falco fan, had the whole bookshelf full of the novels from the series and offered them for me to read. When I received[...]
  • Self Portrait Birmingham

  • Of the two of us, it's I, due to my art history degree, that is more likely to tiptoe around a pile of bricks at the Tate Modern and believe the sign saying that it is the greatest work of art of all times. So, when I read out from the Discovery Season prospectus that a small wooden structure crowne[...]
  • Birmingham Ratha Yatra Festival 2013

  • On Sunday, 11 August, John and I attended the 13th anniversary of a joyful and colourful Birmingham Ratha Yatra Festival, also known as Festival of the Chariots. It was organised by ISKCON Birmingham and featured a giant wooden Jagannath Chariot pulled by hand by the Hindu devotees from Chamberlain [...]